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What impact do you hope to have? Wilson: I was lucky, I got to the capsule collections for Torrid and that gave me a real taste of what [the process of creating a line] was like. And now that I have my own line it's really cool. The reason why it's plus size: one, because I'm plus-size. I'm actually the average American size, which is now, according to the Fashion Institute's study, 16-18. That is the main size of America, and yet — there are some plus-size lines out there that are really great — but there's not that much choice, and so, I want a majority of American women to have more choices. Mic: Over the years there have been all these so-called fashion "rules," especially for plus-size women, like no crop tops, no stripes, no colors. What would you say to these people who think they need to follow these rules? Wilson: Actually, I love stripes, horizontal stripes. That used to be like a no-no, people would be like, "Don't, don't wear that." I like to show a bit of skin where learn more possible, it gives a good visual.

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Our love of freeing the nipple may be fueling a rise in designer nipple surgery | Metro News

Our love of freeing the nipple may be fueling a rise in designer nip surgery High-street brands are selling tops with heart and flower designs at nipple height. You can even get fake nipples , to give your nips a boost when you can’t be arsed to go braless. A Miss Universe hopeful covered in moles is challenging beauty norms And that’s great, because nipples are great. The free the nipple movement is an important moment in gender equality and getting rid of the objectification and sexualisation of women’s bodies. But could the inherent cool factor of allowing your nips to make little peaks under your tee be creating a new area of insecurity? New York surgeon Dr Norman Rowe reckons so, yeah. He told Daily Mail Online that he’s seen a huge rise in the number of women coming in for surgery on their nipples, in hopes of getting perfectly sculpted nips. Dr Rowe says that in six months, his เสื้อคู่แขนยาว weekly number of nipple patients has more than quadrupled, going from around four a week to 18. ‘You see a lot of celebrities now wearing see-through dresses,’ he says. ‘My patients come in with pictures from magazines of nipples that they want; they want to wear see-through dresses too, and that makes them take a closer look at their nipples.

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